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What if we have wood-based colours that never faded?

Nature’s brightest colors –  like those found in peacock feathers or butterfly wings–  are created through microscopically small nanostructures. When light hits these structures, our eyes perceive their intense and vivid colors. The color presented here is nontoxic, produced 100% from wood, and can be industrially and economically produced. Shiny or glittery effects–  very popular in fashion and design today–  are usually created by using toxic pigments, plastic-based materials, or metallic foils. This structural color is a sustainable alternative to these traditional methods. Also unlike most existing pigments and dyes, structural color does not fade in sunlight. Our solution provides an environmentally friendly alternative for various real-life design applications.

Konrad Klockars, PhD student

Noora Yau, master of arts student

Blaise L. Tardy, postdoc